Styling Strategies: Men’s Haircare for Thinning Hair

styling strategies mens haircare for thinning hair

Does anything strike fear in our hearts more than thinning hair? The onset of fading follicles can be a massive knock to your confidence, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to help combat thin hair and manage it that don’t involve getting a number 1 all over – and we’re pleased to share them! Read on to learn how to make hair thicker for men and check out our interview with the amazing men’s stylist Charles Grey for extra styling tips.

Try a thickening shampoo

Lots of products out there claim to thicken hair but can you trust them? The ingredient that many studies find most helpful for thin hair is ketoconazole so look for it on the label of your chosen thickening shampoo before using it in your usual hair care rotation.

Get rid of the comb or hairbrush

Though it may have been a regular thing growing up, combing your hair will not do you any favors if it’s starting to look thin and fragile. Using a comb or hairbrush regularly can leave your hair looking thin and limp. It may even break some of the strands, damaging the hair you still have. Get rid of the combs and hairbrushes where possible and style your hair more naturally. If you have long hair that needs to be combed out to remove knots and tangles, use a wide-toothed comb and work from the bottom upwards to minimize damage.

Get hands on with styling

Run your fingers through your hair and rough it up when styling. This will add some texture to your hair and leave it looking a little thicker and fuller.

Let your hair dry naturally

Your hair is at its weakest when wet so try to avoid combing it or being rough with it during the drying process. Instead of aggressively drying it with a towel right after a shower, try letting your hair air dry on its own.

Try blow-drying – but gently!

Another option for drying your hair is by using a blow-dryer. Blow-drying your hair may add greater volume and texture giving your hair a thicker look but exposing your hair to high heat can damage it. The trick is to strike a balance – choose a low heat setting and always add a heat protectant to your hair first.

Cover your hair from the sun

Most people will wear sunblock to protect their skin in sunny weather but why not do the same with hair? The rays of the sun can make your hair dry which may make it brittle and more likely to break. Keep a cap or hat with you on days when you know you may be outside to protect thinning hair from unnecessary damage.

Avoid heavy products

Heavy hair products like wax or gel can pull your hair down making it look flat. Look for lighter ones such as hair mousse instead – they add volume and style without weighing hair down.

Wash your hair more often

Is washing your hair frequently good or bad? For those that are having trouble with thin hair, washing frequently – but no more than every other day – could help by cleaning away the residue of hair products and natural hair oils which can clump hair together.

Find a hairstyle that suits you

Tried all our tips and still find your hair looks thin? Speak to your hairstylist or barber to find the perfect cut to disguise your thinning hair, not highlight it. This could simply mean changing the way you style your existing cut to getting a whole new do and will only involve a razor if you want it to.

Take these steps to groom thin hair and treat your hair how it deserves: with care and style. We hope these tips on how to make hair thicker for men help to boost your confidence and make you proud of your hair.